4-H speaking contest winners

The County Contest Top 3 Winners showing their goofy sides with their plaques.

LIVE OAK — Since 1969, Tropicana has supported the 4‐H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program, an educational program aimed at teaching young people the techniques of effective public speaking.

The 4‐H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program grew from a program established in 1952 by Mrs. Inez Pettigrew, a teacher at Palm View Elementary in Palmetto, Florida. When Tropicana adopted the program in 1969, the company associated the program with a local 4‐H program. Since then, the public speaking course has expanded to accommodate hundreds of thousands of students all across the state of Florida.

The course is coordinated and underwritten by Tropicana and administered through Florida Cooperative Extension Services of the University of Florida’s 4‐H Youth Development Program. This educational program is designed to give students experience in the preparation and delivery of a speech. The result of Tropicana’s dedication to the program is evident in the confidence displayed by young people in making prepared or impromptu presentations later in their school and professional careers. The 4‐H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program offers young people this opportunity and teaches them to be better communicators — a skill which will benefit them throughout life.

The judges for the Suwannee County-wide contest on May 17 were Barry Baker, Rachel Nicholson and Ronnie Richardson. These judges determined the winners that were awarded plaques for first, second, and third place in each grade division.

The first-place winners also receive a full scholarship to attend 4-H Camp Cherry Lake this summer.

The 2019 Suwannee County 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking contest winners are:

Third Place — Dallas Deadwyler, Branford Elementary, fourth grade; Maci Hingson, Suwannee Intermediate, fifth grade; Amber Jaffe, Branford High, sixth grade;

Second Place — CaLinn Daniel, Suwannee Intermediate, fourth grade; Hampton Newman, Westwood Christian School, fifth grade; Isaiah Cherry, Melody Christian Academy, sixth grade;

First Place — William Collins, Westwood, fourth grade; J.A. Weisner, Branford Elementary, fifth grade; Bradley Bashaw, Suwannee Middle, sixth grade.

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