LIVE OAK — Layne Schultetus has always been political. Throughout his entire life, he has been involved with one campaign or another.

“I’m the true grassroots guy,” Schultetus said. “I’m not a muckety-muck. I don’t hobnob with the big boys.”

He is the guy digging post holes, putting up signs, sitting at the phone, making calls and knocking on doors.

Schultetus is a precinct 11 committeeman for the Republican party in Suwannee County and a retired deputy sheriff from Palm Beach.

He is also one of two Republican delegates from Suwannee County, who will cast one of the 99 votes for the Republican party nominee.

The other is Sheri Ortega, chairwoman for the Republican Party of Suwannee County.

Ortega said anybody from any county can apply to be a delegate. It’s not just for executive members.

“What’s was so amazing about the fact that Layne was elected is that he’s not a chairman or executive,” Ortega said. “He’s a citizen, a Republican.”

Ortega said she got involved with the election process when she was 17. She became involved with the Republican party when she moved to Live Oak from Miami-Dade County. After the presidential election in 2008, she helped grow the party in Suwannee. She has been chairwoman for four years.

The Republican Party of Suwannee organizes voter registrations and invites candidates to speak to people who want to hear them. People ask Ortega who she will vote for to be the nominee and she tells them Donald Trump.

“All 99 of our delegate are bound for the first three rounds of voting to vote for Donald Trump,” she said. “On the fourth go around, they are not bound.”

But Ortega doesn’t believe that is going to happen.

“Anything is possible, but I am 99 percent positive (a fourth ballot) will not happen,” she said.

Schultetus campaigned for Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the Florida primary fight. He said he will vote for Trump when it comes time.

“I’m fully behind uniting our party," he said. “It’s time for us to come together behind Donald Trump. I will back him 100 percent.”

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