LIVE OAK — Suwannee County’s caseload of confirmed COVID-19 cases has continued to rise, with the Florida Department of Health announcing six more cases Saturday morning.

The county now has 17 confirmed cases of the virus, 15 that are staff or residents at long-term care facilities.

The newest cases involve six women, ages 78, 29, 23, 27, 33 and 21. All had close contact with an existing case. The 78-year-old is hospitalized, the third hospitalization in the county from the virus.

The Florida Department of Health in Suwannee County (DOH-Suwannee) is now conducting its contact investigation and working on identifying and notifying individuals who will need to self-monitor for symptoms for a 14-day period. Contact investigations are a critical way for staff epidemiologists to track and prevent the spread of disease.

The county has had 137 individuals sampled for testing with 117 testing negative and three still awaiting testing. All of the people investigated in Suwannee County are Florida residents. 


Hamilton and Lafayette counties have not had a confirmed case. There have been 37 individuals tested in Hamilton County, 34 returning negative and three still awaiting the results. Lafayette County has had 22 tested, all coming back negative.

Columbia County is up to nine confirmed cases while Madison County still has four confirmed cases.

Statewide there are 11,111 confirmed cases, 10,760 involving Florida residents.

There have been 1,386 individuals admitted to the hospital from the virus in the state and 191 deaths.

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