LIVE OAK — The Florida Department of Health announced two additional confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Suwannee County on Monday.

The cases involve a 57-year-old female and a 77-year-old female and are connected to an existing case.

There have now been 160 known cases of the virus in Suwannee County, four non-Florida residents.

Health department data shows there have been 18 deaths and 36 hospitalizations from patients that have tested positive for the virus. There have been 1,543 tests conducted from the county with 1,383 results returned negative.

The latest data from the health department indicates there was one staff member at Dacier Manor at the Advent Christian Village who was positive Saturday afternoon. As of Friday afternoon, Suwannee Health and Rehabilitation Center had 62 positive residents — 34 of which were transferred out of the facility — and four positive staff members. All 18 of the county’s deaths had been residents at Suwannee Health.

Hamilton County has 147 known cases, 137 of which are inmates at Hamilton Correctional Institution. Four more are staff members at HCI, where 867 tests of inmates have been returned negative with seven results still pending.

Total, 1,450 tests have been conducted from Hamilton County with 1,302 negative results.

In Lafayette County, there are six known cases — including one hospitalization according to health department data — out of 135 total tests conducted.

As of Monday morning, 677,710 people have been tested in Florida with 46,442 positive results. There have been 1,997 deaths and 8,304 hospitalizations in patients with the virus.

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