LIVE OAK — Signs honoring Suwannee High’s Class of 2020 were placed along Pinewood Drive earlier this month.

More than 100 of those signs were stolen Wednesday night with others ran over, according to the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office.

A number of the signs have since been recovered from the Suwannee River near Suwannee Springs where they were found floating by Shane McCoy and Will Griner, of Jasper, who were fishing.

The SCSO said McCoy and Griner stopped trying to catch fish and instead starting to reel in the signs when they saw them hung up along the riverbank.

Officers are continuing to search the river for additional signs.

“Someone out there KNOWS who is responsible, please do the right thing and let us know who did this senseless, mean spirited act,” Sheriff Sam St. John said in a statement, adding that officers were pulling camera footage from the schools and businesses in the area to help find the suspect or suspects.

“It's bad enough that our graduating seniors have missed making so many of their senior year memories, and now to have this tribute taken from them as well is absolutely infuriating!”

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