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The four valedictorians of Suwannee High's Class of 2020 are, from left, Joshua Braun, Herman Gunter V, Lilian Lamb and Jessica Martin-Alonso. Jaylynn Smith, right, is Branford High School's valedictorian.

LIVE OAK — Five students at Suwannee High School and two at Branford High School received the highest honors in the Class of 2020: being named valedictorians and salutatorians.

There are four valedictorians in Suwannee’s graduating class: Joshua Braun, Herman Gunter V, Lilian Lamb and Jessica Martin-Alonso. Suwannee’s salutatorian is Karen Arreguin.

“These awards represent a commitment to academic excellence and is a considerable accomplishment,” SHS Principal Ronnie Gray said in a release announcing the honors.


Karen Arreguin, left, is the salutatorian at Suwannee High School. Lachelle Sikes, right, is Branford High School's salutatorian.

Branford’s valedictorian for the Class of 2020 is Jaylynn Smith and the salutatorian for BHS is Lachelle Sikes.

Branford’s graduation ceremony is set for May 29 at 8 p.m. at Buccaneer Stadium. Baccalaureate at BHS will be held May 28, also at 8 p.m. at Buccaneer Stadium.

SHS will hold commencement May 30 at 8 p.m. at Langford Stadium with baccalaureate scheduled for Wednesday at 8 p.m., also at 8 p.m. at Langford Stadium.

The ceremonies will be limited capacity with each graduating student allowed eight arm bands for each event. Social distancing guidelines will also be enforced with all graduates spaced properly on the field to obey those guidelines of at least six feet separation. Spectators will need to follow similar practices in the stadiums and follow markings on and around the stadium, the district has said.

Also, no groups will be allowed to assemble before, during or after the events on school district property.

Anyone not in possession of an arm band for that specific event will be denied entry.

Any seniors not needing all of their arm bands may give extras to fellow classmates.

For both baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies, only authorized personnel and participants will be allowed on the fields before, during and following the ceremonies.

The ceremonies will be broadcast live online through Youtube and possibly Facebook.

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