Ted Roush

Superintendent Ted Roush, Suwannee County Schools

LIVE OAK — Monday was a long day for Suwannee County School District administrators and staff, but it also was a successful day.

The start of the school year got off to a good start, according to Ted Roush, Superintendent of Schools.

“It was a good day, it was a safe day,” Roush said early Monday evening after students returned to school.

Roush said the biggest issue that arose was the dramatic increase in traffic that accompanies the start of school each year. It is an issue Roush said will gradually subside as the school year continues.

“The first week or so parents want to drive, want to physically be on campus,” Roush said. “From the reports I received from the schools, people were very patient and understanding.:

He added that early arrivals prior to the start of school helped alleviate issues as well.

Roush said enrollment is up this year for the school district. According to data from the Florida Department of Education, last year there were 5,968 students in the county’s schools.

Helping to keep those approximate 6,000 students safe are school resource officers on every school campus of the district throughout the day for the second straight year. The Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office’s School Resource Division is led by Sgt. Lee Willis.

The school resource officers are Joe Carey, Suwannee Primary School; Arthur Robinson, Suwannee Elementary School; Jeff Miara, Suwannee Intermediate School; Jacob Williamson, Suwannee Middle School; Zack Clark, Suwannee High School; Mike Landis, RIVEROAK Technical College; Rachael Rodriguez, Branford Elementary; and Brad Mincks, Branford High School.

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