Robintina Reed ousted incumbent John Yulee in Tuesday's election for the District 1 seat on the Live Oak City Council.

LIVE OAK — I am very excited to have the opportunity to introduce myself as I campaign to be your next city council person.

My name is Robintina Reed, everyone knows me as Tina, the wife of Donald Reed and daughter-in-law of the late Mrs. Edna and Frank Reed. You could say he and I are the very successful merger of Hamilton County Trojans and Suwannee Bulldogs for more than 24 years. We have lived with our family and had our family in District 1 for more than 20 years.

That is the reason it has been so important for me to work hard before the election as a volunteer and after the election, hopefully as your city council person making our district a better place to live and raise a family.

There are many reasons I am running to represent our district. Working with a team of other concerned citizens in other districts, we have been actively fighting for a change for better in District 1 and other districts throughout Live Oak, Florida. We had major concerns whenever we attended city council meetings to fight for change that would benefit our citizens. We kept having our District 1 city council person vote against issues we felt were best for our city. Just recently at our most recent city council meeting, our representative started he was against fighting for funds to make sure when Anna Streets gets paved, we have the funds to install the urgently needed pipes and sewer system on Anna Street. (We have fought for and gotten the funds for paving Anna, but did not have the funding for our sewage system!) I just want what is best for all citizens of Live Oak and definitely in our District 1.

Some of the issues the team and I have fought for:

Continue to fight for upgrade of Scott Street. We asked our city councilman in 2017 to work with the county when they were paving the truck route around the city to do an add-on by working with the city and county. But, our councilman would not follow through on our multiple requests. The county would have done the road prep, leaving for the city to only have to pave it. This was never done.

Continue to fight for better cleanup of deceased animals that are left littering the street on Scott.

Continue to fight for fair and proper maintenance on the upkeep of grounds, lawn care, fencing, lighting and respect of our Eastside Cemetery.

Continue to fight for citizens to have more input and be on the agenda at meetings to talk about their concerns, such as their excessive water and sewage bills.

Continue to fight for a change to the water leak policy that is grossly unfair to the citizens.

Continue to fight to make sure when our right of ways are cut, the personnel does not trash pickup services first. Not as they do now, cut the lawn with the trash there, leaving cut up litter on the right of ways.

Learn the ins and outs of Land Development Regulations, CRA boundaries, and funding streams to promote fair and equitable access to and receipt of CRA funds, and vote to make Live Oak a more business-friendly community, both legally and attitudinal.

Continue to fight for the city and county to have a better working relationship with workshops to discuss infrastructure, utilities, and if a merger of city and county would be feasible and what would be best for the citizens of all of Suwannee County.

Continue to fight for coverage by emergency rescue paramedics for residents, employees and visitors north of the railroad tracks. Right now if an emergency were to happen to anyone north of the railroad tracks and a train was coming through town, your life would be in grave danger as there are no rescue services north of the railroad tracks.

Continue to raise my opposition to the fire assessment that was added even though our team fought against it.

Continue to ask for input from residents of District 1 on ways we can work together as a team to make our district better. Including starting a volunteer team from District 1 working together to make our district better.

Continue to think outside of the box to look for new ways to bring more revenue streams with the four other council persons to Live Oak.

I know there is so much work to be done in Live Oak and no one person can do it alone. That is why I want to go in with an open heart and mind, with the plan to work with the city manager and the four other city council persons to work to make life better for all Live Oak residents. I will have an open door, open phone call policy, I also plan to have quarterly meetings (every three months) with residents to hear your concerns and take them to the full city council meetings. For instance, we have heard from many teens and their parents on the need for a business that caters to kids/teens as they have no activities to give them outlets.

I am asking for your vote to be your next city council person. Vote to make District 1 Number 1!

Early voting is April 30 through May 5.

Election day is May 8. Voting location: Live Oak Recreation Center on Duval Street.

For more information, contact Robintina Reed at 386-206-7891.

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