JASPER — A correctional officer at Hamilton Correctional Institution was arrested May 6 after bringing a round of live ammunition to the prison.

According to an Office of Inspector General report, when 22-year-old Kendal Smith, of Live Oak, reported to work on May 6, a suspicious item was noticed in her clear plastic bag as it ran through the X-ray machine upon entry into the facility.

The report states that during further investigation of the bag, the officer doing staff searches found a 9mm pistol magazine loaded with live rounds concealed beneath other items in the bag.

The officer told investigators that during the search of the bag, the suspect’s demeanor changed and she “began to shake uncontrollably.”

According to the report, the suspect told the officer that the ammunition wasn’t supposed to be there and asked if she could just take it back to her vehicle.

When prison management was notified of the incident, the suspect said that a child at home must have put it into her bag and later said it may have fallen into her bag off the backseat of her car.

Smith was charged with introduction of contraband (a firearm magazine with live ammunition).

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