Map of statewide COVID-19 cases

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of Health announced late Wednesday morning that there are now nearly 1,700 confirmed cases of COVID-10, the novel Coronavirus, in the state.

According to data from the health department, there are 1,682 confirmed cases throughout the state as of Tuesday morning. There are cases in 46 counties with Broward and Dade accounting for 755 positive tests.

There are no confirmed cases in Suwannee, Hamilton or Lafayette counties yet.

COVID-19 Demographics chart

According to the DOH, there have been 15 negative tests for Suwannee County with 14 results pending. Of the 29 persons from Suwannee County under investigation, 20 are women and they range in age from 20 to 86.

Hamilton County has had nine people test negative so far with one result pending. Those tested from Hamilton range in age from 23 to 93 and include six men.

The data shows seven people tested in Lafayette County, all negative, with a range from 31 years old to 86.

While there have been 1,682 positive tests including 1,583 Florida residents, the health department said there have been 15,374 people test negative.

There have been 22 deaths in the state related to the virus and 289 people hospitalized.

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