Delores L. Walker, Free Press Reporter

When Lafayette County Deputy Scott Hamlin responded to a security alarm at Lighthouse Christian Center (LCC) around midnight August 18 he walked in on a man with his hands raised to the heavens...but according to the Lafayette County Sheriffs Office (LCSO) he was not there to give praise to God.

Within minutes Adan J. Torres, 21 of 2400 Old Vineland Rd, Kissimmee was arrested and charged with burglary by the officer.

Hamlin said he approached the church and began an investigation by checking the doors. As he neared the southeast door of the building Hamlin said he saw the door was partially open. According to the officer when he opened the door completely he observed the suspect inside with his hands raised. After several attempts to communicate with the Hispanic man (who appeared to not understand English) Hamlin secured the handcuffs on the suspect and placed him in the patrol car.

Florida Department of Agriculture (FDA) officer Roeland Ducksworth and LCC Pastor Chris Musgrove also arrived at the scene and assisted Hamlin with a thorough search of the church building. According to the pastor it appeared the alleged burglary had been interrupted before it could be completed.

Upon arrival at the county jail, Mary Bunner who acts as the Hispanic translator for the county was called to make sure the suspect understood the charges.

The LCSO said a call from Mrs. Maple Snider later in the day revealed that her enclosed porch had also been burglarized. The Snider home is located just down the road from LCC on SR 51.

Deputy Geoff Condy responded to the Snider home where he noted that footprints and additional evidence linked the two burglaries to the same suspect, Adan J.Torres.

Torres is being held at the Lafayette County Detention Center.

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