Fred Martin

State Representative District 10 candidate Fred Martin.

Greetings from Fred S. Martin, candidate for Florida State House District 10. I ran for Sheriff of Suwannee County in 2012 and 2016. I have Police Ethics, and their Oath, periodically published in the Swapper, since 2013.

Florida is a balanced-budget State with no income tax; property, goods, and services are taxed to raise revenue to pay for State services. Legislators have to tax something or cut money from an existing State service, to pay for new services. I have figured out a way to pay for what I propose without cutting other services to do it.

It is a shame that Domestic Violence shelters and Homeless shelters, have to beg for money from the public to be able to get a matching grant from the State. If they fall short in the dollar amount raised through ‘fundraising’, they do not get the matching grant! I propose legalizing prostitution. License fees and transaction fees could provide a dedicated source of money for the shelters; the tax will only be paid by those persons involved in, or using the services of, prostitution. Legalized prostitution will also cut down some of the exploitation, and other crimes, that occurs in this profession. The licensed prostitutes will also help police the professions (competition from the unlicensed).

Needed: body cameras that cannot be turned off on law enforcement officers, 360 degree high definition cameras on their vehicles, and data storage for the cameras; school security, that does not involve turning our schools into mini-prisons, and teacher pay raises. A consumption tax on legalized recreational marijuana can help fund these things. The tax is only paid by people using the product.

South Florida should desalinate their water instead of stealing it from North Florida. ‘Stand Your Ground’ is balanced by ‘Use A Gun and You’re Done, 10 20, Life’. Retirees will not be able to afford to visit, or live in, Florida if minimum wage is raised; they will not cross the state line, can’t afford it. I’m a redneck, ugly and toothless and ain’t gonna get prettier before the election; I need your vote. Thank you.

Fred S. Martin

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