LIVE OAK — An attempt to film up a woman’s clothes at Walmart led to an arrest of a Live Oak man for voyeurism this week.

According to the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office, while a woman was shopping at the Live Oak Walmart around 10 a.m. Wednesday, when a man walked down the opposite side of the aisle.

The report states the man, 48-year-old Melvin Fields, stopped and stealthily positioned his cell phone beneath the victim’s skirt and appeared to take a photo.

According to the report, the victim told authorities she heard a shutter sound and immediately turned to confront the suspect, who took off running with the victim giving chase.

The suspect was chased to the parking lot by witnesses as well as the victim and fled in a red pickup, heading north on U.S. Highway 129, the report states.

The suspect was stopped soon after by the Florida Highway Patrol.

During an interview, the suspect allegedly admitted to taking a video of the victim and authorities found the video on his phone, according to the report.

Fields was charged with video voyeurism as well as disturbing the peace for the chase through Walmart.

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