Live Oak police department officer Bradley Harrison responded to a smash-n-grab in the parking lot of the Democrat. The victim’s front, passenger side window was broken with “a possible blunt object” Bradley said. LOPD did not find any evidence at the scene of the object or a suspect. The thief stole the victim’s purse but left other valuables in the vehicle.

Live Oak police detectives are out on the look out today trying to locate the person or persons responsible for three vehicle break-ins today.

According to Live Oak Police Department Chief Buddy Williams, all three have been similar in the fact that a window was broken out of the vehicle and the thief or thieves are “grabbing what is there.”

“Detectives are out trying to locates suspects. We don’t know who did it, but we are looking for them,” Williams said.

Cindy Carter, Live Oak resident, was dropping off items to Guardian Ad Litem, 213 East Howard St., located next to the Suwannee Democrat offices, was shocked to find her front, passenger side door window smashed in and her purse missing.

She parked in front of the Democrat, in broad daylight and went into Guardian Ad Litem Monday afternoon to donate some pillows. She said she was in the building for less than five minutes when the break-in and theft occurred.

Her vehicle was locked and the car alarm did not go off when the window was busted. She said her purse was missing, but other items, including cash in the front center console, were not taken.

The Live Oak police department responded to the incident at just after 12:30 p.m. According to the LOPD Officer Bradley Harrison, the suspect broke the window with “a possible blunt object.” There was no evidence found inside the vehicle or at the scene for the object or the suspect.

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