The Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners met Friday morning to discuss possible language changes in the county’s land development regulations.

The possible LDR changes have come to the forefront after recent applications were filed for special zoning permits for a class one landfill to be located near the U.S. 129 and I-10 interchange, north of Live Oak.

During the one hour workshop, North Central Florida Regional Planning Council Senior Planner Sandra Joseph presented the council’s findings concerning appropriate landfill sites.

The areas that the NCFRPC found concern with include future land use classifications, water wells, designated urban development areas, airports and the Floridan Aquifer. After the areas of concern were presented on a county map, only a small portion of the county appeared suitable for a landfill.

“The consensus of the board seems to be the language we should use, at the very least, should cover the final area of the map,” Suwannee County Commission Chairman Wesley Wainwright said.

Scott Koons of the NCFRPC told the board that the council could return a draft for the board’s consideration in about a month.

According to Koons, Suwannee County is unique because 80 percent of the county has a high aquifer recharge geology.

Wainwright emphasized the BOCC wants to craft the language so the county is protected.

“There aren’t many areas in the county suitable for a solid waste facility,” Wainwright said.

Commissioner Jesse Caruthers remains wary of a commercial landfill site.

“I do not think we need a commercial landfill in the county,” Caruthers stated.

Commissioner Philip Oxendine shared his view.

“I feel a complete landfill ban in the county is needed,” Oxendine said.

Commissioners will now wait for the NCFRPC to present the draft of proposed LDR language changes.




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