Shortly after 19-year-old David Norris passed away on New Year’s Eve, 2005

donations began coming to his parents.

They had to decide what to do with the money. David graduated from Tabernacle Baptist School in May of 2005. He attended TBS from the 8th-12th grades and played all three sports offered (football, basketball and men’s softball). Tabernacle is a very small, private school. They didn’t have elaborate sports equipment or facilities. David always complained while playing football, because there was no scoreboard, he couldn’t see how much time was left or the score, as well as other important information.

David’s parents decided to take the money donated in David’s honor and purchase a lighted scoreboard for the field. When they told the school about what they were going to do, the kids asked if they could name the field “David Norris Field.”

When people started hearing what they were doing, enough money came in not only purchase the electronic scoreboard but to build a concession stand, install fencing around the field, and purchase a set of aluminum bleachers and a mobile backstop for a future softball field.

Others in the community donated time, material and labor to have the field completely redesigned. The direction of the field was changed, irrigation and a new well were installed and the field was sprigged with new turf. So far, one new goal post has been installed and a second is in the works.

TBS hosted the state playoffs for the Sunshine Christian League Nov. 15-16 and dedicated the “David Norris Field” as the teams played on it for the first time.

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