A juvenile suspected of vandalizing a Hamilton County residence was arrested after being tracked down by Hamilton County Correctional Institution’s canine unit on Sunday, Jan. 15, according to a press release from the Florida Department of Corrections.

The juvenile and his accomplice were tracked over a half mile by Hamilton County Sheriff’s officers with the assistance of the Hamilton CI canine team using a dog named “Copper”. The juvenile was located by Deputy Chris Hughes of HCSO and was taken into custody along with his accomplice, authorities stated.

The canine team officers involved in the hunt were Sgt. William Billingsley, Officer Steve Folsom and Sgt. S. Bennett.

“The professionalism that our canine units show day in and day out and their willingness to go into harm’s way to protect the public is a testament to their dedication as public servants and law enforcement officers,” said Hamilton CI Warden John Palmer.

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