Suwannee County Parks and Recreation Director Greg Scott was recently installed as the president-elect for the Florida Recreation and Park Association (FRPA) during its Annual Conference in Orlando. FRPA also installed the 2006-2007 board of directors at the event.

To qualify for the position Scott was required to be certified as a parks and recreations professional, serve on the board and be elected by the membership of the organization. He has served for five years on the board and has been a member of the FRPA for 18 years, 15 of which he has been actively involved. Scott has served as the vice president of advocacy since 2003 and has also served in several other capacities. He was elected to serve this position by a majority vote of the 2,100 plus members of the association.

Scott will serve as the president-elect for a one-year term after which he will become inducted as the president of the association.

Scott's duties as president-elect include traveling throughout the state with the association's president to carry out the strategic plan and participate in the legislative process.

"My involvement with the association means people throughout the state will know where Suwannee County is. It's about representing citizens and getting our voice out there," Scott said.

He said his involvement will also help Suwannee County obtain more grants for local projects.

Scott was hired as the director of Suwannee County Parks and Recreation 18 years ago. He majored in education in Illinois. Shortly after completing his education, he worked at the YMCA for three years and served on the city parks and recreations for one year. While in Illinois he helped create several youth and community programs, including a drug prevention program. After that time he moved back to Live Oak, his hometown.

Since he has been with Suwannee County Parks and Recreation Scott has helped create 10 parks and 17 community programs.

"It's more than just baseball," Scott said about his job.

The program works with other agencies, such as Suwannee River Water Management, to bring economic benefits and address environmental issues in the county. Suwannee County Parks and Recreation implements programs such as land purchase for environmentally sensitive areas.

"It's about molding children, protecting water quality and land resources and boosting the economy in the community," he said.

Scott said he chose the job because of his desire to make a difference and give back to the community.

"The parks and recreations board pushes to provide the best level of parks and recreational activities for citizens. We have a passion for our youth ... to do what's right for them. I want to make the community better," he said.

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