Live Oak artist Jerome Johnson adds the finishing touches to the new mural on the side of the Mayo Jiffy Food Store on Main Street. - Photo: Jack Howdeshell

There are few things in Mayo that will draw the collective interest of most like the Lafayette High Hornets. So, when Live Oak artist Jerome Johnson began his most recent mural on the west wall of the Jiffy Food Store on Main Street people began to take notice and word spread quickly.  

Johnson, who originates from Philadelphia, has been commissioned by Jiffy Food Store owner Shaun Freeman to create murals on his stores to recognize the schools in the communities his stores serve. His first school mural was completed on the SR 51 store in Live Oak to honor the Suwannee High Bulldogs. Freeman has also contracted with Johnson to paint a mural on his store in Madison and Johnson is hoping to be able to do a bigger than life size Branford Buccaneer in that town, too. 

Johnson spent time throughout the day as he worked talking to store customers and students who were curious about who had come up with the idea and who was he working for. He began his latest creation at 11 a.m. and was nearing completion just a little past 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 1. 

Johnson stated he has always had a passion for art and began drawing at the age of four and did his first airbrush work at age 15. He paints in all mediums, acrylics, oils, water colors and shared some images of airbrush art on plexiglass that look just like a photograph. The very talented artist has a new venture in his future when he and Live Oak's Stacey Chauncey will partner in an art gallery in Live Oak on US 90.   

While most art is only observed and appreciated, this piece will be highly photographed as students and teams for years will pose to have their image captures with giant mascot on the "Jiffy" as the store is affectionately called in Mayo.

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