It was another thriller for Cheek’s Gymnastics’ gymnasts at the Teddy Bear Invitational recently in Gainesville. The Level 3 gymnasts came through again, receiving a 3rd place team award. This is their third time in three meets placing 3rd place in the team awards. “I know we’re close to bigger and better things, it won’t be long, I can feel it,” said Stormy Cheek.

The Level 3 gymnasts (beginning intermediate routines) started off with a bang in Gainesville. Stephanie Stewart was 1st all-around in her age group (10-12) with a 36.375. Stewart had a 9.300 on vault, 9.075 on floor exercise and a 9.100 for a 2nd place on uneven bars. Stewart has risen from the intermediate class to top of the team in only nine months. “We are looking for great things out of Stephanie in the coming years,” Cheek said. Also, high on the hog in Level 3 was Ashton Lee, scoring 2nd all-around in the 7-9 age group, scoring a high 36.400. Any girl who can score a 36.00 or higher will come out on top at the state meet held in November.

Lee also scored three 9’s this meet. A 9.275 for a 4th place on vault, a 9.275 for 2nd in floor exercise and a 9.050 on the bars for a 7th place. Lee competed last year in Lake City, and that has helped her out with the routines.

Raven Ratliff’s all-around was 35.975, Jordan Gray and Savannah Jackson’s all-around 35.725, Rachel McCoy’s all-around 35.300, Kayla Driskell’s all-around 35.025 and Kelsi Roper’s all-around 35.000. All five of these girls are improving each meet. They are scoring in the 35s instead of 30s. This has added greatly to their self-confidence as gymnasts. “If the girls work as hard at the other meets, we’ll be placing 1st in the team divisions as we did last year,” said Cheek. “All our gymnasts received a 9.000 or higher on vault. These girls understand what it takes to score at a high level.”

Not only are our all-around’s high but the girls are scoring at least one 9.000 or higher in one or more events. The girls placed 3rd in the team division scoring 109.900 total. Last year we scored 113.500 for 1st place in Florida, so we are very close to that score in only the 3rd meet. Keep posted and keep up with the news to see the outcome of each meet.

Level 5 gymnasts are slowly but surely coming around. They had a slow start in the beginning but the scores are getting higher and higher. Again, the top scores for Level 5 in the all-around came from Hannah Miles scoring a 33.375. Miles placed 5th on vault and 8th on balance beam. Miles is the only Level 5 so far to qualify for the state meet held in December. Each girl must score a 32.500 or higher to go to state in Level 5. Level 3 hasn’t a qualifying score so Cheek’s Gymnastics coaches have go their own score of 32.000 or higher for this level. Kelsie Allen, also in the same age group, placed in vault. Also, placing in vault was Dallas Smith and Tessa Ferreira. Smith also placed in bars. Their scores in all the events are consistent to the time put in routines. Of course, in theory, the more time put into routines, the better the score. The Level 5 team placed 8th in the team scores. “This is one lower than the last two meets, so I’m very confident the girls are on their way up,” Cheek said. Each gymnast competed in each event and receive an all-around score totaling the four categories.

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