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LIVE OAK — The Live Oak City Council unanimously approved both its final millage rate and budget in a hearing last week.

The city’s millage rate was approved at 9.1771 mills, the same as the current rate, during the Sept. 23 meeting and then unanimously passed its budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20 too. The budget is $26.4 million with “no changes or adjustments of substantial concern” according to City Manager Ron Williams.

There was no public comment during the final budget hearing.

The millage rate is 1.88 percent above the rollback rate of 9.0078, or the tax rate that would generate the same amount of tax revenue as the previous year’s rate.

The council, though, chose to leave it at that previous rate, initially setting it as the city’s maximum in a July meeting and then leaving it there during the tentative budget hearing Sept. 10.

“As Mr. President says, it’s the same rate as last year,” Williams said, noting Council President Mark Stewart’s remark at the tentative budget hearing.

Also during the city’s special meeting Sept. 23, the council unanimously approved zoning and land use changes on a pair of properties in the city. The first, 8.94 acres off of 11th Street (State Road 51) is zoned Residential Multi-Family — Two with a land use classification of Residential High Density.

On that property, Korall N, LLC is planning for the construction of 178 homes in a gated community as part of that project, according to a letter from Yossi Nakash, a representative of Korall, in the application to the city.

The second is the 1.05 acres that was Suwannee Pack and is currently owned by the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency. It is now zoned Residential-Office with a land use designation of Residential Medium Density and can hold up to eight housing units on that property.

Jamie Wachter is the editor of the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press.

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