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Tobi Manki, with the Florida League of Christian Schools, presents Lighthouse Christian Academy its official accreditation plaque.

MAYO — Lighthouse Christian Academy received its accreditation from the Florida League of Christian Schools last year.

An official dedication ceremony was held Jan. 21 at the school to present the official accreditation plaque.

“LCA would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. (Steve) Gornoski for all their hard work and dedication to completing this monumental task,” school officials said in a release.

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Mr. and Mrs. (Steve) Gornoski with the accreditation plaque.

LCA is accredited through the Florida League of Christian Schools and International League of Christian Schools, which provides nationally recognized accreditation for the purpose of continuous school improvement focused on increasing student performance. This accreditation allows LCA students to seek higher forms of education seamlessly and gives parents the assurance that the school, staff and curriculum meet state standards. These standards are put forth by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the same standards used by public schools and colleges for their accreditation processes. All programs, materials from all courses offered, as well as material validating governance, facilities, student services, safety and more, were sent for review to outside specialists chosen by ILCS. A team of nationally trained educators evaluate and review all aspects of the school, curriculum, and procedures. LCA is proud to be an Accredited Christian School serving Lafayette County and surrounding areas.

The League of Christian Schools has served quality Christian schools since 1983 as a primary choice for Christian preschools and K-12 accreditation, promoting biblical, academic and professional excellence in its member schools. The International League of Christian Schools is a nationally recognized accrediting agency as well as a nonprofit voluntary membership organization promoting quality assessment programs that focus on academic excellence at all levels. Ongoing professional development and best practices are just two of the many benefits. Learn more about accreditation at

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