Joe Kapp (left) and Angelo Mosca.

Two elderly legends of the Canadian Football League got into a fistfight during a recent luncheon to honor the men in Vancouver, proving that some grudges just won’t die.

Video of the fight shows former quarterback Joe Kapp, 73, taking a flower from a centerpiece and offering it to his former rival, 74-year-old Angelo Mosca. Mosca's response? It involved some colorful language telling Kapp exactly where he could put that flower.

Kapp then hit Mosca with the flower, and Mosca responded by striking Kapp with his cane, knocking off Kapp’s glasses. Kapp responded with a few punches.

The grudge goes back 48 years to the CFL championship game, according to CNN. Kapp is still mad because Mosca made what was widely considered a controversial hit that knocked Kapp’s teammate out of the game.

The Los Angeles Times notes that Mosca is also a former professional wrestler, and that the fight brought lots of attention to the two men and the luncheon event, where the goal was to raise money for retired CFL players.

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