MAYO — The millage rate won’t be changing in Lafayette County.

In its July 22 meeting, the Lafayette County Board of County Commissioners approved a proposed millage rate of 9.7 mills as the county’s maximum millage rate.

That is the same rate as the past two years and is lower than the rollback rate — or the tax rate that will provide the same amount of tax revenue as the previous year’s rate — of 9.7485 mills.

The rate can not be raised from that proposed rate, although it could be lowered during the budgeting process.

The board also set its tentative budget hearing for Sept. 3 at 5:30 p.m. with the final budget hearing scheduled for Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. Both will be held in the board meeting room at the Lafayette County Courthouse.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Delores Walker, of Mayo, addressed the board with her concerns about the maintenance of right of way around Circle Drive.

Walker said that when the last storm hit Mayo, a limb had fallen on the road and although the debris and tree limbs had been cleared from the roadway, the right of way was still covered in debris. The debris, in conjunction with the grass not being kept up with, was displeasing to Walker, who added that if the debris was cleared she would be able to use her residential mower to mow the right of way and maintain it.

Scott Sadler, Public Works director, advised the board and Walker that a city crew is scheduled to maintain the right of way, along with their other responsibilities, three days throughout the week.

The board also appointed chairman Anthony Adams onto a Florida Department of Transportation panel that will be meeting to discuss and review the proposed toll road through North Florida. Commissioner Lance Lamb offered to be an alternate for the panel since meetings will be require overnight trips at various locations throughout the area.

Commissioner Henry McCray was unanimously approved to serve on the canvassing board with Lamb up for reelection in the 2020 election. Adams will serve as alternate.

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