Lance Lamb

Commissioner Lance Lamb said the boards needs a one-time fix to the community center, not something that would need further work in the near future.

MAYO — Citing the flooring as in “bad shape,” Lafayette County Building Official Robert Hinkle told the Board of County Commissioners at its May 28 meeting that the District 5 Community Center must be addressed.

Hinkle said a water party held at the community center, located in Mayo, a few years ago caused damage to the floor that has continued to worsen and made it hard to even clean the tiles.

“It’s not doing anything,” Hinkle said of the efforts to clean the floor at the county’s most-used community center. “I’m just getting more and more complaints from renters about the shape of the floor.

“Something has to happen.”

Hinkle said in reality the floor needs to be stripped, waxed and buffed in order to be maintained but with the current state of the floor, that isn’t able to be done. He added the tiles continue to pop up.

“It’s in bad shape,” he said, adding the rental agreement now specifically doesn’t allow for water parties after the incident that caused the problem.

The community center has a wood base beneath the tiles and Chairman Anthony Adams said there really is no way to know how much works needs to be done on that base until the tiles are all pulled off.

“You could be opening Pandora’s box,” Hinkle added. “That’s just the risk you run sometimes.”

Commissioner Earnest Jones asked Hinkle if he had an estimated cost for resurfacing the floor with vinyl, which Hinkle had suggested as a possible solution.

Hinkle said he didn’t have any estimates, but did advise that in construction a safe rule is the cost will never be cheaper than it currently is.

The board asked Hinkle to work with Maintenance Director Marcus Calhoun and bring a couple different options for fixing the floor back to the board for further discussion.

“If we’re going to fix it, we need a one-time fix instead of doing it in two or three more years,” Commissioner Lance Lamb said.

LDR change

The board discussed during a workshop May 28 and then unanimously approved at its meeting a change to the language in its land development regulations regarding power pole amperage limits for agricultural use.

The county currently limited the poles to 60 amps in an ordinance and Hinkle said that limits what he is able to work with in granting permits.

Adams said it appeared to him the previous board was trying to cover everything with a one size fits all ordinance. However, he added 60 amps is not enough for agricultural operations to run certain aspects of their operations such as a pivot for irrigation.

“I would like to see that increased to something that’s workable,” Adams said, adding he wouldn’t support limiting it to 60 amps because that doesn’t give Hinkle and his office any latitude.

Lamb added it wouldn’t give the board any leeway in the future either for special permits.

After further discussion, the board proposed adding language that would allow for a range of 60-200 amps.

RV park granted exception

The board also unanimously granted a special exception for a small RV park in southeastern Lafayette County on State Road 349 just south of U.S. Highway 27.

Ulan Harrison told the the Planning and Zoning board in a meeting that preceded the county meeting that the park would feature 10 spaces for RVs at the most.

“Aggravation when there are hurricanes and people need places to stay,” he said. “What I want to do is open a place up on the other side of the county to access that and have a place for people likes who come in and need a place to relax for the weekend or weekday, whatever they want to do.”

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