MAYO — The Lafayette County Board of County Commissioners agreed to repair the rear end of one of the county’s three ambulances at its meeting Monday morning.

Marty Tompkins, the county’s EMS director, told the board that the rescue vehicle had a complete read end problem with an estimated cost of $7,000 to repair it.

Tompkins told the board with it out of commission, the county currently only had two operational ambulances available for calls for service.

“It’s still in great shape as far as box and body and everything,” Tompkins told the board. “I know it’s kind of expensive but it’ll last a long time if we get it back up and running.”

The board approved the request to repair the third ambulance.

Tompkins also provided an update to the board about the storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico. Tompkins said following a discussion with Taylor County’s Emergency Management Office, there was an 80 percent chance it would develop into a tropical depression.

Lafayette County Library Manager Deborah Johnson requested to close the library on Aug. 9 for a mandatory training on an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that 3 Rivers Library System is purchasing for the Mayo branch.

The training will consist of the uses and functions of the AED, how and when to operate the AED, as well as CPR training, a tourniquet application, per the nationwide campaign, called, “Stop The Bleed.”

The board approved the request, which was necessary to allow all of the library’s employees to receive the training.

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