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Klausner Lumber One restarted production March 13 after temporarily laying off employees for intensive maintenance in late January.

LIVE OAK — On Friday, Klausner Lumber One announced that it would temporarily layoff some of its employees and idle the saw mill.

Employees will continue to receive benefits during the temporary layoff, which is expected to last one month or less, according to a release written by Thomas Mende, president of Klausner Trading USA.

This week, less than 30 employees have been laid off, according to a Klausner representative. Each following week, Klausner will evaluate and go from there.

Due to intensive maintenance, the company lost a week of production in November, as well as a week in December during the holidays. 

Further repair work will be necessary on some shifts, according to the statement. While the November and December lost time was fully paid, the company must make an exception this time.

The maintenance will mean production will be slowed or completely stopped at times and will not be at full capacity. This will not be permanent, according to the representative. 

"These are still active employees receiving their benefits," the representative stated.

The announcement stated that the lumber market remains very positive, and Klausner expects to resume its regular schedule in the coming weeks.

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