JENNINGS —  The millage rate may be increasing slightly in the Town of Jennings.

At its July 2 meeting, the Jennings Town Council approved a proposed millage rate of 4.95 mills. That rate can not be increased but could decrease during the town’s budget hearings.

The town’s current millage rate is 4.9 mills.

The rollback rate, the tax rate that will provide the same amount of tax revenue as the previous year’s rate, is 4.7643 mills.

The council also once again discussed migrant labor camps, specifically The Budget Lodge, located off of Interstate 75, in Jennings. During the discussion, the council’s main concerns were that they are unsure how long it will take to handle the problem at hand since there’s no clear time frame for a resolution.

The first item addressed in the meeting was in regards to a family-owned and operated business, presently listed as Deep South Sanitation. The sanitation company based out of Echols County, Ga., came before the board in hopes of speaking to the board about bidding for its business.

The council decided that when it gets closer to the date of renegotiating contracts with the company currently contracted with the city, the town will contact Deep South Sanitation.

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