JENNINGS — During last week’s Jennings Town Council meeting, the Jennings Police Department was commended for its efforts.

Following the approval of the minutes, salaries and bills at the Aug. 6 meeting, Council Member Jerry Pittman began praising the police department for its work to actively patrol and ensure the safety of community members.

“We all need to be proud of what our police department is doing for the town,” Pittman said.

Also during the meeting, the council discussed the town’s annual budget of $439,000.

During the budget discussion, Town Clerk Christy Smith discussed increasing funding to the town’s retirement funds, which were close to fully expended this past year. Smith also added possibly taking funds away from the town’s gasoline expenses, since there was a surplus of funding in that area last year.

Josh Johnson, who works in the city’s water and sewer department, has recently been Wastewater Operator Certified, and will now be attending school to be certified in the water certification portion of the department. In lieu of his Wastewater Certification, he received a $1/hour raise in his salary.

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