JASPER — An early-morning traffic stop Aug. 16 by the Jasper Police Department turned into an investigation with a possible Felony Lane Gang affiliation.

Igniac Theodore, a 30-year-old from Duluth, Ga., was stopped for failing to stop at the stop sign exiting the Loves Truck Stop at U.S. Highway 129 and Interstate 75 in Jasper.

During the stop, officers noticed the driver of the vehicle switch seats with another passenger, who was then removed from the car and escorted by an officer to the rear of the vehicle, according to a JPD report.

The original driver was then ordered to exit the vehicle by law enforcement with the suspect questioning why he needed to exit, the report states.

When the suspect was ordered again to leave the vehicle, he responded, “OK, I’m getting out,” according to the report, as he then tried to leave through the driver’s door instead of the passenger door where the officer stood.

The report states the suspect then refused to identify himself and actively resisted arrest by pulling away his arms and grabbing onto the patrol vehicle’s brush guard.

The officers used a taser on the suspect twice in order to be able to place him in restraints, while backup was requested, the report states.

While being escorted into the patrol car, the suspect again resisted by placing his feet on the vehicle’s door jam so he couldn’t be placed inside, according to the report.

Once authorities were able to identify the suspect, it was determined that he had active warrants out of Georgia, and that the issuing agencies were willing to extradite, the report states.

In searching for the suspects’ identification, officers observed multiple identification cards with different names, as well as multiple Social Security Cards in the suspect’s wallet, the report states.

According to the report, during an ensuing search, multiple sheets of unprinted checks, multiple personal and business checks pre-issued with different amounts, a printer, an android tablet, as well as a one-gallon jug of acetone were found.

The suspect allegedly then told officers that the items were all his and the other passengers had nothing to do with the items, the report states.

Theodore was charged with 12 counts of fraud-imperson use of ID 10-20 others without consent, three counts possess/retain stolen credit/debit cards, six counts grand theft $300 less than $5K; 17 counts petit theft 1st degree $100 less than $300 and two counts resisting officer with violence.

The suspect has previously been charged in Gwinnett County, Ga., with credit card theft and fraudulent printing of checks as well as in Coffee County, Ga., for a fraudulent payroll check cashing scheme.

He also is facing charges in Gwinnett County on felony printing checks and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Acts charges.

It is suspected that Theodore is an affiliate or a member of the Felony Lane Gang, which are known for crimes such as fraud, credit card thefts, forgery and identity theft.

This investigation is still ongoing.

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