LIVE OAK — While the name and faces are new, the service Ivey Funeral Home provides the community is not.

When purchasing Charles T. Hall Funeral Home last year and officially changing hands in April, owner Marlon Ivey and funeral director Demarien Hawk strived to continue the legacy of predecessor Charles T. Hall.

“I wanted to continue that legacy of providing affordable services to the community that he provided for so many years,” Ivey said. “He took pride in working with families during that transition period.

“I knew Mr. Hall loved the funeral home business and loved his funeral home. So I was just glad to have the opportunity to continue that legacy. Because of the passion that he had serving the entire Suwannee River district.”

Ivey and Hawk aim to continue providing that service across the region from Live Oak to Mayo, from Jasper to Lake City, from White Springs to Jennings and every where else around. They also will work with families during that difficult time when it comes to the cost of those services and will provide whatever services the community wants.

“I’m just thankful to have the opportunity now to do the same,” Ivey said. “I just love serving the public.”

While Ivey, a Live Oak native, loves serving the public, Hawk is passionate about funeral service.

Continuing a decade-plus long career in the business, including experience with his cousin’s business, Richardson Family Funeral Care in Tallahassee, Hawk said it has been great getting involved in the Live Oak community.

“Funeral service is my passion,” he said. “I’m very passionate about serving families and providing the best quality of service with a personalized touch. That’s very near and dear to my heart.”

Ivey said the new faces at the long-standing funeral home has been a transition for the community as well, but one that has been well received.

“A lot of people are glad that the funeral home is still running,” he said adding he gets questions about why he entered the funeral home business. “I’m just here to provide a service to the community and hopefully they will appreciate what we have to offer.”

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