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Robintina Reed became the first female elected to the Live Oak City Council on Tuesday.

LIVE OAK, Fla. — Looking to bring change to District 1, Robintina Reed also made history Tuesday night.

Garnering 65 votes to incumbent John Yulee’s 58, Reed became the first female — and black female — elected to the Live Oak City Council.

“That was great, being the first female, the first African-American female, yeah that is great,” Reed said about becoming a history maker. “That’s a record-breaking thing there.

“It felt great (when I heard the results). I was very excited.”

Now though, she hopes that history leads to positive changes for the district, changes that she has already been fighting for even before starting her campaign.

“I do have a lot to learn,” she said, adding her goal now that she’s been elected to the council is to keep pushing for growth and change in District 1. “Some of the things that we’ve all been trying to get done in the district before I even was trying to run, we’re just trying to get District 1 straight.”

Yulee had served on the council for the past eight years. He also served from 1998-2006.

Yulee had received 28 votes to Reed’s 26 in the early voting and on absentee ballots. However, Reed receiving 39 of the 69 votes cast at the District 1 precinct Tuesday to finish with 52.85 percent of the votes.

Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart

Reed won’t be the only new face on the council as District 4 will also have a new councilor. But that member won’t be known for another month as Mark Stewart and Norman Crawford are headed to a June 12 runoff.

Stewart, who previously served on the council, garnered 109 votes (35.5 percent) with Crawford receiving 77 (25.08 percent) in the four-man race.

Both Stewart and Crawford said they entered Tuesday expecting a runoff, just grateful they were the two left standing in the race that included John W. Hill, who was cast on 20.85 percent of the ballots, receiving 64 votes, while Jerry Poole had 57 votes (18.57 percent).

“It certainly gives me a standing that I’m still in, I still have hope,” Stewart said, thanking his supporters that voted for him. “I’m looking forward to it.”


Norman Crawford greets people along Pinewood Drive on Tuesday. Crawford will face Mark Stewart in a runoff next month for the District 4 council seat.

Crawford, too, was thankful to remain in the race.

“We live to fight another day,” he said. “It’s going to be a dogfight, I’ll tell you that much. You’re going to know you’ve been in a fight because I’m getting out there and throwing everything I’ve got.

“I’ve been fighting all the time. I’ve been fighting the past two and a half years since I retired. We got a lot accomplished just by me going to the council floor.”

Current District 4 councilman Frank Davis will remain in office, winning in his run for mayor. Davis received 515 votes to Tommie Jefferson’s 262.

Mayor Frank Davis

Mayor Frank Davis

“I just want to thank the voters for the confidence they had in electing me as mayor,” Davis said. “Tommie Jefferson ran a good, clean campaign and I really appreciate the way he campaigned and I want to thank him for his love of our city.”

While Davis will be moving into a non-voting position in the city’s government, he is excited about his opportunity to continue to make a difference.

He also is eager to continue moving Live Oak into the future.

“It feels great,” he added about being the mayor-elect. “I’m looking forward to my new role with the city. I’m going to take a positive approach and I think there are some things that have already begun … the pro-growth and business-friendly thing with the LDRs. I want to move that forward and be a part of that.

“I’m going to be a representative of the city in all matters, an ambassador.”

According to the Supervisor of Elections office, there was a 28.77 percent voter turnout with 958 ballots were cast out of the 3,330 registered voters in the city.

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