JASPER — The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office will have to make do with less this next year.

During the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday morning, the board cut the HCSO budget by $94,337.

In the discussion about the county’s budget, the board stated it needed to cut an additional $100,000, which it planned to cut from the HCSO.

Sheriff Harrell Reid told the board that the only two items that possibly could be cut from his budget were the hiring of an employee to help in the office — $54,337 — and a new vehicle — $35,000.

“That’s the best I can do,” Reid said.

Commissioner William Mitchell asked Reid if he was really going to cut those positions, to which Reid responded “Well, I don’t want to, but that’s all I got left.

“I think I’m gonna have to have a car, but if y’all want to to cut it now and when y’all get back in better shape, we can come back later.”

The board unanimously approved cutting those expenditures from the budget.

“I haven’t asked for extra office help in 31 years,” Reid told the board. “Everything’s increased. I have people wanting to leave because of the workload, but we’ll do the best we can, that’s all I can promise you.”

Chairman Josh Smith asked the rest of the board to keep the sheriff’s office in mind when money becomes available to possibly fund a new vehicle.

The board also approved at the meeting to fund $1,000 for the ARC North Florida to help with its Fall Festival scheduled Oct. 19 at Heritage Park.

County Coordinator Louie Goodin was also given permission to procure services to fix a plumbing issues at the Hamilton County Health Department at a cost of less than $10,000. Goodwin also is planning to work with the health department on a legislative budget request for upgrades and updates at the health department, which serves approximately 50 people five days a week.

The board also was told that courthouse renovations are ongoing, with carpeting, ceiling and security systems scheduled to be installed the new few weeks.

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