JASPER — The Hamilton County School Board received and opened 14 bids total for the four school properties up for sale last week.

The bids were due by 2 p.m. Thursday and the school board opened the bids at 2:20 p.m. Thursday.

During the bid opening, stipulations and plans included with the bids for the properties were not discussed. All of the bids as well as the bidders’ intentions for the four properties — Greenwood, JRE Lee, North Hamilton Elementary and South Hamilton Elementary — will be discussed at a 4 p.m. workshop Tuesday prior to the regular board meeting. Action may be taken on the properties during the meeting.

Greenwood, located in Jasper, and Jennings’ North Hamilton Elementary received the most interest with both having five bids.

CMJ Academy placed a bid on the entire Greenwood property for $20,000, while Corinth Christian Academy bid $15,000 for the property and James R. Daniels placed a $26,500 bid for the entire property. Suwannee Valley Coordinated Child Care bid on one parcel of the property for $15,000 while Bright Pond Baptist Church bid between $3,000 and $4,000 for that same parcel with unknown stipulations also included with the bid.

Corinth Christian Academy also placed a bid on the entire North Hamilton Elementary property in the amount of $50,000. Also bidding on the entire property was Hament Patel, who bid $50,000. Rev. Charles Barnett did not include a monetary value with his bid for the property, nor did the Town of Jennings. Jennings Town Hall is currently located in a portion of the school as well as the Jennings Police Department.

The Hamilton Humane Society bid $6,000 for a parcel of the property. Katie Rooney, from the Humane Society, attended the bid opening.

There was just one bid on J.R.E. Lee, also located in Jasper. That bid, which did not include a monetary value according to the district’s Director of Business Services Michael Vinson, was from the First Central Baptist Cultural and Training Center, an after-school center that announced plans last fall at the school.

South Hamilton Elementary in White Springs had three bids, including one from Rhett Bullard and Sanda Welden on a one-acre parcel for $7,000. The other bids were for the entire property, a $150,000 bid from Deerwood Property Group LLC and a $50,000 bid from Rusy DePratter.

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