MAYO — Approximately 15 kids participated in a fun-filled week of learning and activities at Summer 4-H. They took part in physical and nonphysical events, like making crafts, going on field trips, and virtual reality.

The crafts were a favorite among the kids. Some of the crafts were sun catchers and Father’s Day cards. Mixing glue and food coloring together was cool because the glue made the food coloring spread and it was really pretty the kids said. They kids liked to make the Father’s Day card because they were able to design and take pictures for the Father’s Day cards.

Every Wednesday the 4-Hers take a field trip. Last week the kids and adults took the field trip to Defy, a Trampoline Park in Gainesville. The kids and adults enjoyed jumping, flipping and playing dodgeball. Afterwards they had a tasty time at Cici’s Pizza. Another field trip they took was to the Public Library. There they learned about theater and watched a play.

Last week the kids were also able to experience virtual reality. They could go ride a roller coaster, watch nature scenes and play Star Wars. The kids liked the Star Wars the best because they got to slice blokes with lightsabers. They liked the roller coaster because they were being chased by a dinosaur. They said that the nature scenes were very peaceful and relaxing.

If you would like to sign your kids up for 4-H, the number is 294-1279.

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