LIVE OAK — After eight years of serving on the county commission, Ricky Gamble is seeking a new role: property appraiser.

Gamble, a Republican, has announced his candidacy to replace Lamar Jenkins, who is retiring after 48 years.

“I believe with my background as a business owner, real estate agent, commissioner and my relationship of working closely with the appraiser’s office over the last eight years, I can step into office on Day 1 ready to stand up to Tallahassee, protect our values, manage the budget and provide fair, equitable and conservative appraisals for Suwannee County,” Gamble said.

During his eight years on the county commission, Gamble served as the board’s chairman for three years and also served on the county’s IT committee as well as the Value Adjustment Board, the appeals board for disputes on property owners’ values, denied exemptions and classifications.

The IT committee approved recent software and hardware upgrades for the appraiser’s office, and Gamble said the experience has provided knowledge into the challenges faced with those upgrades as well as future updates.

Gamble said after pondering the idea for several years, he made the decision to run after gaining experience with his two terms on the county commission, where he voted against tax increases. As property appraiser, he said he again would do what he could to keep taxes low.

“If you want to keep taxes low, it takes both sides — it takes the property appraiser’s office and the Board of County Commissioners,” he said. “As property appraiser, the buck kind of stops with you. You have to fall within the statutes and obey the law but within those statutes, you have some discretion and that discretion needs to always fall on the side of the constituents and property owners and not the State of Florida.

“As commissioner, I’ve worked to build working relationships with Tallahassee. I understand the way they work and the importance of standing up to them. Protecting Home Rule and our assessments being made locally is of the utmost importance. Protecting and fighting to preserve Home Rule was at the top of my list as a commissioner and will be so as your appraiser.”

Jamie Wachter is the editor of the Suwannee Democrat, Jasper News and Mayo Free Press.

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