Tidal Wave successful at district meet

Raylee Walker swims her way to a third place finish in the 50-yard backstroke during Saturday’s district meet.

TIFTON, Ga. — The Tiftarea Tidal Wave had a very successful day at Baldwin Drive Aquatic Center Saturday.

The Tidal Wave were competing in the annual Georgia Recreation and Park Association district meet. Teams from classes A, B and C were in the pool with Tiftarea, with the locals in direct competition against those in Class B. Others in B were Moultrie, Thomasville and Valdosta.

Tiftarea will break this weekend, then go full speed into preparations for the GRPA state meet. That takes place at Baldwin Drive Aquatic Center July 12-13.

Twenty-seven swimmers figured into at least one win, be it individually or as part of a relay team. Five swimmers had a piece in five victories: Brynna Burke, Trey Dorminey, Laney Griffin, Hayden Roberts and Bentley Wiggins. Jovia Burke, Joshua Hellman and Raegin Walker were involved in four wins each.

Individually, Wiggins won the 50 freestyle, 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke. Griffin won the 25 and 50 freestyle and the 25 breaststroke. Dorminey took the 25 and 50 freestyle and 25 butterfly. Brynna Burke won in the 50 and 100 freestyle and 50 butterfly. Roberts’ wins individually were the 100 freestyle, 100 individual medley and 50 butterfly.

Jovia Burke took the 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke in individual competition. Hellman did so in the 25 breaststroke and 25 backstroke. Walker added individual victories in the 50 breaststroke and 100 individual medley.

Also winning individually were Kinsley Wiggins (25 backstroke), Laina Lee Pate (50 backstroke), Anna Lupo (50 backstroke), Laci Owens (50 butterfly), Jase Hendricks (50 breaststroke), Elijah Hellman (50 butterfly), Ethan Stalnaker (50 breaststroke), Ava Wilson (50 breaststroke), Emery Huggins (50 freestyle) and Larkin Saylor (25 breaststroke).

Relay teams victorious Saturday were: Lizzie Hendricks, Saylor, Jovia Burke and Bentley Wiggins (mixed 100 medley); Kinsley Wiggins, Stella Byrnes, Abigail Lupo and Jana Webster (100 medley); Joshua Hellman, Griffin, Harlow Delk and Dorminey (mixed 100 medley); Anna Lupo, Raegin Walker, Brynna Burke and Nora Lott (200 medley); Rachel Spurlin, Jase Hendricks, Elijah Hellman and Raylee Walker (mixed 200 medley).

Stalnaker, Wilson, Hayden Roberts and Huggins (mixed 200 medley); Saylor, Bentley Wiggins, Lizzie Hendricks and Jovia Burke won the mixed 100 freestyle; Webster, Kinsley Wiggins, Byrnes and Delk (100 freestyle); Dorminey, Joshua Hellman, Abigail Lupo and Griffin (mixed 100 freestyle); Raegin Walker, Anna Lupo, Lott and Brynna Burke (200 freestyle).

Raylee Walker, Jase Hendricks, Kendall Sasser and Elijah Hellman took the mixed 200 freestyle and Huggins, Wilson, Stalnaker and Hayden Roberts (mixed 200 freestyle).

Others placing in the top three were:

Girls 7-8 50 freestyle: Jovia Burke (2nd) and Hendricks (3rd).

Girls 9-10 50 freestyle: Delk (2nd) and Webster (3rd).

Girls 11-12 100 freestyle: Raegin Walker (2nd) and Raylee Walker (3rd).

Girls 13-14 100 freestyle: Pate (3rd).

Girls 15-18 100 freestyle: Huggins (2nd) and Sierra Wyatt (3rd).

Mixed 10-and-under 100 medley relay: Thomas He, Cameron Faulkner, Parker Hobbs and Bailey Brock (3rd).

Boys 7-8 25 freestyle: Saylor (3rd).

Girls 9-10 25 freestyle: Delk (2nd) and Abigail Lupo (3rd).

Girls 11-12 50 freestyle: Anna Lupo (2nd) and Lott (3rd).

Boys 11-12 50 freestyle: Elijah Hellman (2nd).

Girls 15-18 50 freestyle: Sierra Wyatt (3rd).

Girls 11-12 50 breaststroke: Lott (2nd).

Boys 11-12 50 breaststroke: Logan Floyd (3rd).

Girls 15-18 50 breaststroke: Shiloh Wyatt (2nd) and Sierra Wyatt (3rd).

Girls 7-8 100 individual medley: Hendricks (2nd).

Girls 9-10 100 individual medley: Byrnes (3rd).

Boys 9-10 100 individual medley: Hobbs (2nd).

Girls 13-14 100 individual medley: Wilson (2nd).

Boys 13-14 100 individual medley: Stalnaker (2nd).

Girls 15-18 100 individual medley: Shiloh Wyatt (2nd).

Girls 7-8 25 backstroke: Hendricks (2nd).

Boys 7-8 25 backstroke: Saylor (3rd).

Girls 9-10 25 backstroke: Abigail Lupo (2nd).

Boys 9-10 25 backstroke: Hobbs (2nd).

Girls 11-12 50 backstroke: Lott (2nd) and Raylee Walker (3rd).

Boys 11-12 50 backstroke: Elijah Hellman (2nd) and Hendricks (3rd).

Girls 15-18 50 backstroke: Huggins (2nd).

Girls 9-10 25 butterfly: Delk (2nd) and Abigail Lupo (3rd).

Boys 9-10 25 butterfly: Joshua Hellman (2nd) and Hobbs (3rd).

Girls 11-12 50 butterfly: Anna Lupo (3rd).

Girls 13-14 50 butterfly: Wilson (2nd).

Boys 13-14 50 butterfly: Stalnaker (3rd).

Mixed 10-and-under 100 freestyle relay: Brock, He, Faulkner and Hobbs (3rd).

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