MOULTRIE, Ga. — The Downtown Moultrie Association continues its streak of fundraisers to support the downtown Moultrie enhancement projects with the sale of its official shirts. The hope is to bring in $30,000 more before March 31.

“Represent Moultrie with flair, and look good doing it,” read Downtown Moultrie GA’s Facebook post, revealing the shirts. The DMA began taking orders for the shirts, featuring a courthouse design by Marlee Cox, on Tuesday.

The shirts come in six colors — white, gray, blue, pink, watermelon and butter — and may be the life blood for some much-needed funds, according to DMA President Steve Lazarus.

Southwest Georgia Bank promised the DMA to match funds up to $40,000 and will do so on March 31. The DMA accrued around $10,000 from the sale of Christmas ornaments and a silent auction from the holiday season, so it’s trying to make as much money as possible before the deadline.

“We have the possibility of raising $80,000 if we can get [to $40,000],” Lazarus said. “We’d like the community to come in. We’re doing a lot of great things.”

And by those great things, Lazarus meant the enhancement projects, i.e. Mule Barn Park, Pocket Park and the South Main Parking lot improvements, which are already done or underway.

So far, the conglomerate of the DMA, the Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Moultrie Tomorrow, Inc. have focused over a million dollars on downtown enhancements.

None of it is tax money, Lazarus said, but the potential $80,000 would give them the ability to do something extra for the city. This includes the current line of enhancements: the fiber ring (Wi-Fi), camera system and speaker installations.

“[We] just want to create a neat environment for our community to set us a part and make a nicer place to be in our small town that we have,” Lazarus said. “We need to do the final touches. Now, to do a little bit extra we’re starting to run out of money.”

Lazarus said the DMA is working on making a gofundme page to allow anyone to just donate, as well.

He does believe that the potential $80,000 will cover the current line of projects, but as far as enhancement as whole, there is no stopping.

“You could spend all the money in the world [but] we don’t feel like we ever want to have it complete,” he said. “We want to always improve. But as far as this particular agenda that we’re on right now, I think that would help finish it off.”

Lazarus said a downtown welcome center is being planned for with the potential to have an elevator as well as an upstairs conference room. He also noted wanting to build a nearby playground. 

“There’s so many things that you can do, but we won’t ever get the money to complete all that stuff I believe,” he said. “But we’re working towards that.”

The DMA’s shirts run from sizes small to quadruple extra large for adults and extra-extra small to extra large for kids. Shirts come with a front and back design and can come with or without a pocket. 

White shirts cost $24-28. Colored shirts cost $25-$29 and kids shirts, colored and white, cost $20-$21. Price depends on shirt size, the pocket option, or both.

All shirts are custom with direct to garment printing service by Two Jays Creative at 110 N. Main St. To order, call 229-890-5455 or visit the Downtown Economic Development and Public Relations office at 120 N. Main St.

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