TIFTON — Plough Gallery will kick off its fall season of exhibitions this weekend Saturday, Sept. 28 with “Growing Pains.”

The exhibit by Atlanta-based artist Caleb Jamel Brown officially opened on Aug. 31. An Artist Reception will be held for Brown Saturday, Sept. 28, who recently returned from a residency in Portugal.

“Having Caleb Jamel Brown exhibit at Plough Gallery is about opening our community’s eyes to the work of someone living and making artwork in a time where being a young African American or for that matter, anyone of color, is critical to greater awareness and understanding,” said Plough Gallery co-owner Mark Errol. “I feel we are fortunate to share this work as it impactful, beautiful and important.”

In his artist’s statement, Brown describes the show as “an attempt at self-discovery in an environment structured for your demise.”

“Black people are systematically oppressed, misinformed and killed by a system working to make blacks feel less than human,” Brown continues. “The path toward a better understanding of the self, then, is inherently difficult, even maze-like, especially during the transition into adulthood. This leads to the misconception that there is a singular idea for blackness.

“As multifaceted and multiethnic people, black people process the world in vastly different ways. Family photographs, research into ancestral history, and travel and the way we use language often serve as the foundations of my work. These are just a few tools that aid me in shaping my individual identity and carving out spaces that allow myself and people like me to flourish.    

“This intentional exploration of the self teaches black love and appreciation for melanin skin despite what has been fed to black people through the generations. The communal effort in this journey for knowledge and identity creates dialogue among black people, allowing a less linear view of our present, which aids in processing the past and future.”

Brown graduated from Valdosta State University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

The reception for “Growing Pains” is free and open to the community and will be held from 5-7 p.m. Brown will give an artist talk at 6 p.m. about his current work and the exhibit. Plough Gallery is located at 216 W. 8th Street.

More information: 229-396-4200.

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