MOULTRIE, Ga.—The Burning Bush Holy Tabernacle Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God with Christ’s tent revival entered its final day on Monday, Sept. 9. In the words of its pastors, it sowed a seed.

For 40 days and 40 nights, Apostle Johnie Bernard Lee Sr. and Prophetess Faith Marie Lee, senior pastor and co-pastor of the church respectively, drove more than 120 miles daily to deliver the word of God to Moultrie.

“I just thank God that we were able to come here and be a blessing to the people,” Johnie said. “The best thing that we were able to see from here at this point was that we were effective.”

Johnie said he and his wife saved the souls of at least 10 to 12 people and had some attendees wanting to join their church back in Dawson, Ga.

“People are hungry in Moultrie,” Johnie said. “I’ve never seen it [like this].”

The revival attracted a crowd of only 15 during its first two nights, but over time, more community members, county residents and local deacons and pastors came. Even nature had something say via a frog named Michael.

Faith said often times she’d how frogs croaking when the nightly praise and worship service would start. One to two minutes later, Michael would hop up on one of the chairs to view the service.

“You got to remember, God created all things,” she said.

Most of the revival’s attendees enjoyed the “in the elements” atmosphere as it allowed them to come as they were. This was the Lees’ goal. They wanted to make sure all people felt welcome.

“People who met us under this tent were like ‘Hey. I can’t go into that church because I have dirty pants’ or ‘I wasn’t able to get my hygiene taken care of,” Johnie said. “They came up under this tent [and] I let them sit at the back; I let them sit at the front.”

Beyond comfort, the religious couple’s goal was showing that love and trust in God prevails.

Their tent, which sat in the WOW Park at 301 Fifth St. S.W., stood through rain, sun and even amid an impending hurricane. The Recreation Authority had told them to take the tent down but the Lees said no.

“This [ground and tent] has been ordained by God,” Faith said. “If God ordained it then it is so.”

Moultrie Mayor Bill McIntosh said he’s proud that Moultrie is an area where events like this could happen.

“I’m just amazed that someone would undertake the 40 days that they came, have this event, bring people out, and bring people aware of faith and how it’s important to the community,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh joined the revival many times during its 40-day duration. He said seeing people show and strengthen their faith was a blessing.

“It’s important that we do those kinds of positive things,” he said. “There’s just so many negative things involved in the community now; the positive things need to be emphasized too.”

The revival presented more than 20 local and traveling speakers and pastors including the Rev. Cornelius Ponder III of Newton Grove Greater Baptist Church, Union Baptist Church Minister Evan Lewis, and Evangelist Thomas Boozer to name a few.

It also invited Donnie Albert of Farmers Insurance to help attendees in need of insurance, Judson Blessed Automotive to tackle attendees’ car issues, and a local food bank owner, Sheree Marshall.

“We had a peaceful union here with God in this park,” Johnie Lee said.

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