VALDOSTA – There were no tears at the Boo Hoo Breakfast, but parents at Sallas Mahone Elementary School had mixed emotions about their little ones starting school for the first time Thursday.

More than 8,000 students returned to city schools this week.

Some parents of kindergarten and pre-K students seemed nervous at Sallas Mahone but Callie Shaw said she isn’t sad at all.

“I know she’s in a great school with a lot of great people,” she said.

Shaw has a son who also attends Sallas Mahone and she said she’s comfortable with her kids being at Sallas Mahone.

A former Wildcat, Shaw said she and her husband are excited her kids are receiving the same experience as her.

“We are very proud to be in the city school system and our kids love being Wildcats,” she said, “and we are excited for both of them to be in one school together, and we know we’re going to have a great year.”

Parents mingled during the breakfast and ate pastries while others snapped photos with signs that read “Boo Hoo! It’s the first day of school. I’m not ready” or “My youngest started school today… I’m kid free!”

April Ward, assistant principal, said the breakfast provides a space for parents to begin the new year with one another and network.

“I think it’s all so comforting that you can hear the conversations in the rooms of parents talking to other parents and networking with each other and making them feel at ease,” she said.

Hester Morris helped coordinate the Boo Hoo breakfast with Sallas Mahone, Ward said. 

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