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THOMASVILLE — Check-Mate, a New York company relocating in Thomasville, has the same location but a new address.

The company will occupy the former Caterpillar building at what previously was 100 Caterpillar Way and is now 101 Check-Mate Way as a result of Thomasville City Council approval of the name change.

The company is working on the building — pressure-washing, painting and installing new office floors.

“The work is mostly cosmetic,” said Shelley Zorn, Thomasville Payroll Development Authority executive director.

The Long Island, New York, company manufactures magazines for firearms and performs metal-stamping for firearms, aerospace and medical tooling.

Check-Mate has hired the first two employees. Both are in human resources and working from the Check-Mate Way building.

Underway now are interviews of engineering candidates.

Zorn said a list of available jobs will be posted this summer with the Georgia Department of Labor.

“People who want the jobs will need to contact the Department of Labor,” she said. “Check-Mate executives tell me that from the first few interviews, they are extremely encouraged. They say the candidates are enthusiastic and highly-qualified. Check-Mate is excited about the workforce in Thomas County and our region.”

The Thomasville Caterpillar facility closed several years ago.

Check-Mate has received more than 200 resumes. Half are from former Caterpillar employees, Zorn said.

Plant equipment installation will take place in May. Zorn said operations are expected begin Aug. 1.

About 60 people will be hired for production positions in the first employment round in August.

During a three-year period, Check-Mate will hire about 170 additional employees.

Zorn said the company’s annual payroll — with 230 employees — will be $7.2 million.

Three generations of the family that owns the industry will move to Thomasville.

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