THOMASVILLE — Archbold Medical Center reports there have been five positive test results for COVID-19 from all its facilities. 

So far, 28 people who have been tested for COVID-19 had negative results. Another 90 patients are waiting for results. 

One patient who tested positive is at home. Four patients with positive test results are getting treatment at Archbold.

Thirteen Archbold patients are waiting on their test results. 

Eight patients who were tested at the Pinetree Boulevard screening site received negative test results. Another 61 are waiting on results. 

Also, no residents at Glenn-Mor Nursing Home, Mitchell County Convalescent or Pelham Parkway Nursing Home have tested positive for COVID-19. No resident at either Glenn-Mor or Mitchell County Convalescent is waiting on results. There are eight patients at Pelham Parkway Nursing Home awaiting results.

Archbold also has prohibited restaurant food delivery to Archbold facilities until further notice.

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