Prendergast Certified Tree Farm

Ames and Elaine Prendergast were recognized by the Florida Forest Service for having a Certified Tree Farm.

JENNINGS — Ames and Elaine Prendergast have been recognized by the Florida Forest Service for having a Certified Tree Farm. 

The tract is referred to as the Prendergast Family Farm. They have put a lot of work into their 37-acre forested property located in Hamilton County. The Prendergasts were presented with a Tree Farm sign which can be displayed on the property. They also received an engraved plaque to commemorate the certification. 

The Prendergast property is currently being managed in a way that integrates timber management, wildlife habitat, recreation, aesthetics, and soil and water conservation. They have invested a lot of time and effort into getting the land into its present condition and continue to improve upon it.

The Tree Farm Program recognizes forest landowners who manage their property in a sustainable manner through multiple management objectives. The management plans for these programs are written for the specific management objectives of the private forest landowner at no cost to the landowner. These objectives may include timber management, wildlife management, recreation, aesthetics, grazing, soil and water conservation, and other objectives a landowner may have. Anyone interested in learning more about the Tree Farm Program or the Forest Stewardship Program can contact the Florida Forest Service Hamilton County Senior Forester Greg Staten or call 386-792-1269. 

The Florida Forest Service, a division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, manages more than 1 million acres of state forests and provides forest management assistance on more than 17 million acres of private and community forests. The Florida Forest Service is also responsible for protecting homes, forestland and natural resources from the devastating effects of wildfire on more than 26 million acres. Learn more at

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