TALLAHASSEE — According to the Florida Department of Health’s update Monday evening, there are now 1,227 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the state.

The release shows 1,147 positive tests involving Florida residents with an additional 80 cases involving non-Florida residents that were tested and/or isolated in the state. There have been 18 Florida deaths from the virus.

There are no positive cases in Suwannee, Hamilton or Lafayette counties, according to the health department.

There have been 13 negative tests from Suwannee County with results pending from five more tests. The DOH data shows those 18 persons under investigation range from 22 years old to 86 with an average age of 55 years old. Fourteen of the Suwannee County tests have been female.

Hamilton County has had four people test negative with three additional tests still pending. Those tested from Hamilton County include five men and the PUIs range from 23 to 91 with an average age of 56.

Those tested from Lafayette County also have a wide age range, from 31 years old to 86 with an average age of 57. Three of the five people tested from Lafayette are men with all five tests coming back negative.

There have ben two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Columbia County, where there have been 25 negative tests and 18 more pending. Those tested from Columbia County range from 1 year old to 118, according to the DOH data with 43 of 45 PUIs being Florida residents.

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