Norman Crawford

Norman Crawford

LIVE OAK — Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to some and re-introduce myself to other citizens of Live Oak, Florida.

My name is Norman Crawford, a longtime resident of Live Oak. A 1974 graduate of Suwannee High, with a Structural and Concrete Technology degree from Daytona Beach State College, Daytona Beach, Florida. I’ve also completed certificate studies at the University of Georgia in Cooperative Management & Development.

I’ve served the citizens of the Great State of Florida for 31 years as a Unit Manager at the Department of Children and Families Services with a focus on Suwannee County. This afforded me a wealth of extensive knowledge and experience in creating and meeting deadlines, negotiations, conflict resolution, problem solving and listening skills to both staff and clientele. I also enjoyed my career as a cooperative manager assisting farmers with developing, purchasing and marketing skills, record keeping and business plans. I’ve served on the Board of Directors of the Live Oak Housing Authority.

I am married to Gloria (Fannin) Crawford. We have two children, four grandchildren and one great-grandchild. I serve as a deacon and I teach Sunday School/Bible study at Beulah Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

Following my retirement, a team of volunteers and myself have chosen to fight for the people not just in District 4, but throughout the City of Live Oak. After seeing the constant negative impact of the multiple 4-1 council votes against the best practices for the citizens of Live Oak, I knew I had to run to affect change from within. Ask yourself, or your council person, on those (4-1 against votes), was your city council person that one lone yes vote for the people? Live Oak has five council persons!

We have fought and will continue to fight for these issues:

Fought for a No vote on using tens of thousands of dollars of city funds to purchase a brand new truck for the city manager we rarely ever see him using in and around the city.

Fought for continuation of the city contract with B.W. Helvenston & Sons, Inc. as we felt the cancellation would lead to losses of recoupable funds Mr. Harvard is known to fight for.

Fought for replacement of the horrible conditions of the Ichetucknee / Miller Street road. Demanded new pavement all the way to Highway 129 with safety signage. We have a victory. Will update community on start date.

Fought for a No vote that we thought would have dire consequences on water rates. As we thought, it has done exactly that, and sparked an increase in complaints about extreme increase in some citizens’ water cost. Some citizens have contacted us with water bills as high as $500-1,000. This is unacceptable.

Fought for University of Florida to be contacted to discuss working with the City of Live Oak to send in environmental students to do a research study. The study would focus on the citizens’ complaints on the poor quality of water they now pay excessive rates for (rust and foul odor).

Fought for the city to address and reevaluate the city water leak policy resolution 16-16 to make it more understandable and favorable to citizens. (At present it is unequally skewed to benefit the city.) The city agreed to change and/or work on this months ago, but as of this date NO CHANGES!

I will continue to fight for you and be a voice.

I will: When elected, will hold quarterly District 4 meetings to hear your concerns and present them to the full council meeting.

I will: Continue to fight against removal of our historic Live Oak trees that are not damaged.

I will: Continue to fight with you against high, unexplained water bills based on the history of the customer’s account. Push conversation to change the present leak policy (Resolution policy 16-16).

I will: Continue to fight for changes to address and evaluate our alleged contaminated water supply.

I will: Continue to fight for transparency on how, when and where you tax dollars are being spent.

I will: Continue to fight to return the city back to the city council. Advocate to abolish the strong arm dictatorship mentality.

I will: Continue to fight for dialogue between the city and county to discuss the cost saving measures of a merger. This merger data has been shown to possibly save the citizens of Live Oak over $1 million. Money that could change the City of Live Oak in a very positive manner. Such as being used to save lives by adding lifesaving paramedics to the stations within the city limits and upgrade and update our infrastructure (streets, etc.).

When elected as your councilman, two things I would ask of you for us to be successful:

Attend your city council meetings to learn how your councilman, mayor and city manager make decisions and how they affect you and your family.

Get involved. Step up, speak up and ask questions. Let your voice and concerns be heard!

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