LIVE OAK — The Live Oak Community Redevelopment Agency is looking for a new board attorney.

At the beginning of the board’s meeting June 25, City Manager Ron Williams informed the board that Lucas Taylor, the board’s current lawyer, had submitted a resignation letter shortly before the meeting, effective immediately.

Williams said city staff would immediately begin the process of identifying a new attorney for the CRA as well as determining if the attorney contract needed updating before bringing a candidate back to the board for approval.

Williams said any guidance the board wanted to provide would be adhered to by staff. Williams added they would have a solution, even if it is on an interim basis, by the board’s July meeting.

Board member Bruce Tillman asked if it was known why Taylor resigned with such little notice.

Williams said he wasn’t sure.

“I do understand he’s busy,” Williams said, adding he hadn’t talked with Taylor about the resignation. “He’s been having a fill-in from time to time, it may just be a workload issue for him.”

When asked by Councilman Mark Stewart if the board had to have an attorney in order to hold the meeting, Williams and City Clerk John Gill said the board was fine as long as there weren’t any legal questions. Anything of that nature would need to be tabled until the board had counsel.

“You want to have someone on board and available to you to provide that guidance,” Williams said about having an attorney. “We want to get you the advice you need.”

Dixie Grill sign

A rendering of the proposed new sign for the Dixie Grill.

Facade grant approvals

The board also approved a new facade grant application from the Dixie Grill and a reimbursement for a facade grant for the Howell Shopping Plaza.

Charles and Robbie Thomas, with the Dixie Grill, plan to install a new double-sided sign along Howard Street for the restaurant located at the corner of Howard Street and Dowling Avenue as well as landscaping around the base of the sign, which will include perennial plants and rocks.

The work will cost an estimated $16,289.34 which qualifies for a grant of $12,000.

The board also approved reimbursing $12,000 to Charlene Howell for the work on the shopping plaza on Howard Street E, which houses a thrift store, hair salon and appliance repair center.

That work included fencing in the rear of the building, painting and removal of metal facia from the front of the plaza and pictures placed in front of old windows as well as work on the roof and gutter system.

Festival Park

Work has also been completed with lighting in Festival Park just in time for the Freedom Festival on Thursday. Pedestrian lights have been added to the park and there is also lighting wrapped on the trees in the park.

The tree wrap lighting will be changed with the seasons, CRA Director Gabrielle Redfern told the board. Currently, the lighting is red, white and blue. It will be changed to white and orange for Halloween, red, green and white for Christmas and will also help support Suwannee High this fall. Redfern said during football season, the lights will be green and white.

Budget workshop

The CRA will hold its budget workshop at 5:30 p.m. July 23 in place of its normal monthly meeting.

Gill told the board that if there is any other board business that needs to be conducted in July, they would need to do that in a separate meeting either before or after the workshop since no votes can be taken in a workshop.

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