Scott and Christy Vervisch (outside on both sides) with staff and instructors of Country Strong Gym Mayo.

MAYO — Scott and Christy Vervisch originally looked at building a gym in Lafayette County more than a year ago.

But early during that building process, the opportunity to purchase the gym in Live Oak arose and after some consideration, they went that route.

Now a little more than a year later, they have expanded Country Strong Gym with a Mayo location at 587 S. Fletcher Ave.


Country Strong Gym has opened a location in Mayo at 587 S. Fletcher Ave.

“We’ve always been into fitness and after retiring, we just decided to open a gym,” Scott Vervisch said Saturday during the open house grand opening for the Mayo gym.

Vervisch served in the military and in addition to the need for health and fitness there, he said after meeting Christy in Germany, the two began working out together.

And when he retired five years ago, they moved to property they owned near Blue Springs in Lafayette County.

That led to involvement in the schools and the ROTC and the desire to spread that love for fitness through owning a gym.

Vervisch said when officials with Lafayette State Bank first approached him about the Live Oak gym, he initially balked at the idea.

But he reconsidered and they purchased the 30,000 square foot gym in February 2018.

Their Mayo location will operate on a much smaller scale at approximately 1500 square feet.

Still, Vervisch said it will offer many of the same classes that have been at the Live Oak location, including yoga, pilates and spin class. The two gyms will share some instructors, at least to start, as well.

There will also be 24-hour access to the gym and equipment for customers.


Scott Vervisch is going to utilize tires and wooden poles/logs in the boot camp class he will teach at Country Strong Gym in Mayo.

Vervisch also will be instructing a boot camp at the Mayo gym with visions of taking it outside, right in front of the gym along Fletcher Ave./State Road 51, sectioning off an area with concrete partitions and working out in the evenings as cars pass by.

His boot camp class will include work with tires and logs/wooden poles.

“You have no idea what you can all do with wooden poles,” he said. “We’ll never do the same thing two days in a row.”

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