Branford Town Seal

BRANFORD — The Branford Town Council agreed to temporarily close a road every week as a safety measure for a food pantry in town.

Jay Watson with the Branford Christian Services requested the closure of NW Express St. in between NW White Ave. and NW Henry Ave. from 1-3 p.m. every Wednesday to accommodate the food ministry bus, which is parking at Branford United Methodist Church weekly. Watson said he originally was going to request holding the food ministry bus at Hatch Park before the methodist church agreed to host it.

The council unanimously approved the closure at its June 11 meeting, with Councilman Matt Burns noting it wouldn’t seem to cause much of a problem.

Councilman Randy Herndon was curious if Watson wanted the town’s assistance is closing the road every week or just their approval.

Watson said he would obtain and place orange cones himself if that is what the town wanted. Herndon and other town officials said they probably had cones or possibly barricades that could be used if Watson was willing and able to put them up and take them down.

Councilman Charlie Daniel asked Watson how long did he expect for the food ministry to take place.

Watson said that it hopefully would be long term.

“Hopefully forever,” he said. “If it gets too large, then we’ll have to move. But I’d like to develop it into a Christian Service Center type deal here. But that’s a longterm goal.”

Watson said he had started a Branford Christian Services page on Facebook to help get the word out on the food ministry. The food for the ministry is currently provided by the Children’s Table out of Bronson, delivered on a school bus. Watson said there is no restrictions on who can use the ministry and people are able to receive a basket of food, which is approximately 50 pounds, for $5.

Dock, town sign

Mayor Mickey Dempsey provided the council an update on a new dock on the Suwannee River as well as the town’s sign out front of town hall.

Dempsey said the new dock had been completely approved and work should begin shortly. Dempsey said, weather pending, the work should be completed by the end of summer.

“Hopefully the river stays down where it can be done,” he said adding the plan is build the dock down river and float it back up and put it into place. “If the river comes up, it will be postponed again.”

Dempsey also said the sign out front of town hall apparently had been hit by lightning. Town staff was looking to see if the sign is covered by insurance. Dempsey said that could determine whether the town has a sign or not.

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