LIVE OAK — A 10th person with the COVID-19 coronavirus from Suwannee County has died, the Florida Department of Health announced Friday morning.

The latest positive case that has passed away is a 67-year-old male and was a resident at Suwannee Health and Rehabilitation Center. All 10 of the deaths in COVID-19 patients in the county have been residents of Suwannee Health.

The other deaths in the county that had the virus were an 80-year-old male, a 78-year-old female, a 77-year-old female, an 81-year-old male, a 62-year-old female, a 79-year-old male and three 74-year-old males.

Kerry Waldron, the administrator of health in the county, said earlier in the week that all those who have passed away had serious underlying medical issues, which could have been the actual cause of death. Waldron said the virus may have just contributed.

However, once a person tested positive for the virus they are considered a case and are included in the totals.

“I could run out in front of a bus and die, but because I was COVID positive, it is going to be counted that I was COVID positive and not that I was stupid enough to walk out in front of a bus,” Waldron said.

The county has 106 confirmed cases of the virus, 91 of which are staff or residents at a long-term care facility, with Suwannee Health the lone facility in the area that has had a positive test according to the state.

Total, 512 tests have been conducted in the county with 406 negative results. There are two samples awaiting testing.

Hamilton County has six known cases and Lafayette County has one. There have been 122 tests ran from Hamilton County with 116 results returned negative and five samples awaiting testing. There have been 62 tests conducted in Lafayette with 61 negative results.

The health department data shows that the state has surpassed 1,000 deaths in COVID-19 positive patients with 1,012. There have also been 4,699 hospitalizations in positive cases and the state now has 30,174 known cases.

Waldron also said the state is still working on a way to show how many of those cases have recovered.

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